The People that Make PHe Services

At PHe Services, we pride ourselves in having a diverse group of technicians with a wide variety of experience in the power distribution industry. Our technicians have various backgrounds from the power distribution maintenance, equipment refurbishment, manufacturer, utility and wind energy industries. Several traits that all our technicians possess that make them a valuable asset to our clients is the ability to work safe, think critically, be self-motivated and capable of troubleshooting systems at a high level.

Metal Wheel Concept

Additionally, we cultivate a strong team mentality among all our people. Our experience has taught us that when we pull together as a team, we are able to work safer,  in a timely fashion and bring innovative “out of the box” solutions to the unique challenges we sometimes face. In total, all these experiences and attributes work together to provide our clients with a superior service experience. We look forward to the opportunity to demonstrate to our clients the quality of the people that make PHe Services. Take a look at our team page to learn more about the people of PHe Services.