Safety: Attitude is Everything

If you have been around the trades long enough and you were honest with yourself, you would admit that you’ve done it. At some point (let’s be honest, many times) you have made a disparaging comment about a safety policy, procedure, or piece of equipment. We’ve all heard them before, they sound something like this.

“ I remember the good ole days when we didn’t have to do (insert your least favorite safety rule here)”

“ I know a friend of a friend who wore all the safety gear and still got hurt.”

“ I can’t get anything done around here for all the safety rules.”

Over time, comments like these become second nature and part of the normal course of business. Much like complaining about your favorite sports team losing over the weekend or griping about other drivers you encountered on your way in to work on Monday.

Unlike the other benign water cooler gripes such as these, when we adopt a negative attitude toward safety, it creeps in to the way we perform our daily tasks and we begin to make poor choices that could result in serious injuries or worse. As silly as it seems, it almost becomes “popular” to be against safety which causes us to do things that could cause us great pain and loss.

Fortunately, there is another side to this story the result of which is a happier and healthier alternative. Let’s take the “popular” comments above and look at them in another light.

“I’m glad the old days are gone and I can perform by work safely every day and go home to my family”

“ I learned from a friend of a friend that there is always room to improve safety”

“ I’ve found that the time I invest in doing my job safely has no negative impact on my daily experience”

While such comments as this are much less likely to be heard around the water cooler, what would be the outcome if they were? If you adopt a positive attitude towards safety, you will embrace safety and you will take pride in working in a safe manner. What’s not to like about that?