Service When it Counts

During this time of the year, in the midst of all the festivities, parties, family events and shopping, we at PHe Services are challenged with the task of demonstrating to our customers what it really means to be a full service company. While we are very much a family oriented company, we realize that it is a balancing act between spending time with family and taking care of you, our customer. We know that our customers count on us to be there when they need us.

In December alone, PHe Services will be providing service to customers in Texas, Virginia, Pennsylvania,California, Louisiana, Utah and New Jersey all out of our home office in Irving, TX and with personnel all based out of Dallas/Fort Worth. As we make time between all this travel to spend time with our families, we want our customers to know that no matter the day, the weather or the late hour, we are still here to provide you with “Service When it Counts.”